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I started pole fitness by complete chance. I was actually looking for a new sort of class for my children when I stumbled across it and decided to give it a try.  From that first lesson I was completely hooked.  Since then I have fallen in love with every aerial apparatus I have tried (but pole will always be my favourite!)
The Pole Shed itself was created to give me a space to practise.  When my instructor moved away I decided to qualify as an instructor myself, starting with private lessons, and then moving on to offering group classes at Chequer Studio in Ely. 
Whilst there we were looking for spaces that would be more suited to all types of Aerial classes and unfortunately a number of properties came and fell through.  Then Covid happened, and we moved all of the classes online, renting poles to those who wanted them so that we could carry on, and offering more off the pole classes so that The Pole Shed Peeps could see each other and train through lockdown.
In the second lockdown we found another, bigger shed at Oak Lane, and worked super hard to get it ready to open. as restrictions were lifted, and from 1st June it became home to all of our classes.  
We also now have a fantastic team of instructors ready to teach all sorts of pole, aerial and other fun fitness classes.
I love how aerial classes make us appreciate our body for what it can do, rather than how it looks, and the sense of empowerment it gives to everyone.  
Our classes are welcoming, supportive, fun places to learn new skills, and I am really proud of the family we have become.




My daughter wanted something different for her 10th Birthday party, she already took Lyra classes and wanted her friends to be able to experience it. I was a little nervous as this was other people's children. I had been going to The Pole Shed for 18 months so asked Emma if she would consider a children's party as I knew she was not only qualified but understood my concerns for safety. The girls had an amazing time, Emma made it fun and safe for them all to learn and they all celebrated every time someone got a move and encouraged each other if they struggled, Emma was great at keeping them all engaged in the party even when it wasn't their turn on the hoop. The party is talked talked about almost a year later.

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