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Sun, 02 Jun


Studio 2, The Pole Shed

Kundalini Workshop and Activation with Charlotte Etherington

In this workshop Charlotte uses specific embodiment and breath work practices help you to find, feel, retrieve and reclaim parts of yourself that have been inaccessible. The practices help you ground in your body so you can safely surrender to yourself and your highest good.

Kundalini Workshop and Activation with Charlotte Etherington
Kundalini Workshop and Activation with Charlotte Etherington

Time & Location

02 Jun 2024, 13:30 – 15:30

Studio 2, The Pole Shed, Unit 16 Oak Ln, Littleport, Ely CB6 1RS, UK

About the event

This event must be booked directly with Charlotte here: Kundalini Workshop and activation at The Pole Shed Ltd event tickets from TicketSource

What is Kundalini Awakening & Activation? 

It's a direct energy transmission that awakens your Kundalini Shakti... the latent, divine, and healing energy present in every human being. Once awakened, a reconfiguration of the brain structure and the central nervous system begins to take place. This restructuring continues with repeated exposure. This process allows for deep emotional and spiritual healing, often unreachable by other methods. When the Kundalini's vital force awakens in you and you feel it moving along your spine, you are on your way to discovering the most authentic, powerful, and divine version of yourself. The energy burns the blockages stored in your energy system, leads you to transcendence, and lifts you to higher states of consciousness. It's a path of rebirth, love, and surrender. 

What Happens During the KA Portion of the Session? You lie down on a yoga mat, close your eyes, surrender (to yourself with the intention of everything you recieve being for your highest good) and music is played loudly. The facilitators proceeds with the energy transmission. Some touch is purely energetic, other times in is on the body. If you do not wish to be touched at all, please advise us prior to the session starting. Inside you, a wide range of phenomena can occur. It is improtant to recognise that everyone experiences the energy and their own energy waking up, in their own unique way. Your experience may include, but are not limited to: 

Energetic: feeling heat, tingling, cooling, dull ache, internal vibrations and/or other sensations in and around the body. 

Kinaesthetic: spontaneous movement of the body to open and align your energetic systems. 

Visual: visual experiences could include colours, patterns, light, light codes and astral travel. 

Emotional Release: Spontaneous vocalisation and expression that may happen. Emotions come in layers and may include grief, anger, rage, fear, joy, laughter, orgasmic states, bliss, vocalisation during the sesison may reflect these emotion, it is important to know that every expression of you is welcomed. 

Non dual - bliss states: profound sense of oneness, connection with higher self, connection with all that is. 

Other: re-wiring of the neural and nervous system for repatterning, growth and change. 

Some see it as a purifying experience or something that brings them deep reflections or realizations. Release can occur on a physical, mental, energetic, and emotional level. It goes well beyond what words can describe. You have to experience it to understand it. Simply come and let the magic happen! What Can Happen During and After a Session Kundalini Awakening is a process and your session is the beginning of this process. What happens in the session is around 20% and what takes place after makes up the other 80. After the session we encourage you to really tune into your senses and see what you are drawn to, what feels alive in you and where and how does love want to express to you and through you. 

Preparation: No previous experience is required. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and the intention to let go - let go of comparison, judgment and expectation and allow yourself to surrender to yourself, to your uniqueness, your unique process and your highest good. Ideally, try to not to eat at least 2-3 hours prior to your session, if you must eat, make sure it is light and fresh. Make sure you are well hydrated. Please be on time, the door will be open to come in from 1.15pm, but will be locked at 1.30 sharp - no exceptions, no refunds. Bring a yoga mat (some available to hire if you don't have one), water bottle, wear comfortable clothes you can freely move in, no belts, zippers or buttons. You may like to bring a journal and blanket. If you are pregnant, currently experiencing psychosis or treatment for psychosis, epiepsy and or heart conditions this session may not be appropriate for you. 

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